Interview with Codeine

Codeine - Interview


Whenever people talk about the early 90s and music, it will not take a long time before the label Sub Pop has to be dropped it seems because it back then was the label to be on as a band and the label to follow as a fan. They had Nirvana and loads of other bands that were changing what was alternative music back then. Sub Pop also had a band from New York under record that was called Codeine which kind of stood out from the rest as their sound was less aggressive, but not laid back. It was less screaming yet not calm whispers. When we heard that the band would be re-releasing some of their stuff we knew we had to get them for an interview! And here we are now…

Stephen Immerwahr is a wonderful interview partner as he takes his time, reflects his answers and doesn’t hold back anything. Those are qualities that are a great starting point for any interview. Furthermore, he also reflects his band, their heydays but also where they are now. He also explains why some of their records were out of print for such a long time and why he can understand why so many people consider his band one of the earlierst slowcore bands. Enjoy our interview and drop us a comment how you liked it!

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[Photo Credit: Daniel Bergeron]