Playlist #MR-2023-06 by Various Artists


A few months ago, we were asked by some of our readers and followers, whether we couldn’t do a playlist with all the things we reviewed, premiered and interviewed in a given month. Great idea, we were directly up for it! But starting to work on it we discovered something: Putting all records together in such an endeavor would result in a playlist much too long, this month probably somewhere along the 27 hours or so. Therefore we are doing it a little differently: As we already have been listing our favorite track of each record we simply compiled those and songs from the last releases by our interview partners and - if possible - the songs we premiered this month. In the month of June we got tracks by Atlases, Seven Impale, Wallowing, Wolfredt, Jeromes Dream, The Ocean, Cicada the Burrower, Eremit, Orme, Mournful Congregation, Vexing, Finte, JeGong, sear, Godflesh, Aodon, The Exit Bags, Umlaut and Jaye Jayle ft. Bonnie Prince Billy and Patrick Shiroishi! (Note: This playlist is still 3,5 hours because of the ultra-length of some tracks, especially Orme and Eremit really pushed it!)