Interview with Eremit

Eremit - Interview


Wearer Of Numerous Forms is maybe the longest record in our little scene this year with more than 130 minutes in just three songs. Eremit have shown their songwriting skills and how far the songs can take them. Wait - who is directed who now? The band writing the songs or the songs directing the band? Simple answer - the story.

For several weeks, we have been spreading the word about the mesmerizing Blackened Noise Sludge scene and flood of releases that this summer is witnessing all over the place, be it the USA, the UK or Germany. Eremit from Germany’s Osnabrueck take the crown amongst these for their combination of ultra-long tracks and storytelling. Because nothing in the realm of Eremit is done with a connection to their ten-chapter-story divided into three cycles and one epilogue following the life of an hermit searching for his true home…. you see? Epic! Fantasy! Lord of the Rings-like! True vision. Therefore we are happy to shed some light on the band’s songwriting and storytelling process, what they have to do with the late Mariusz Lewandowski, how influential Tolkien was on mastermind Mo and what he thinks about creative control. A wonderful interview - thank you Mo!

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Picture by Seth Abrikoos

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