Interview with Downfall of Gaia

Downfall of Gaia - Interview


Downfall of Gaia have just released a new record called Silhouettes of Disgust and it’s awesome as it is more Crust Punk than Black Metal. And which position is maybe the most important in Crust Punk? Yes, the drummer! Thus it should not come as a surprise that we sat down with Downfall of Gaia’s drummer Michael Kadnar and talked with him about the new record, his record label Silent Pendulum Records and much more!

Michael Kadnar is a really nice guy, open to talk to and surely one of the drummers in the business. What he does on Downfall of Gaia’s new record is nothing short of unbelievable. His other project This is Oblivion shows a very different side of him and his label Silent Pendulum regularly releases the most beautiful color combinations ever. And that are just a few things we talked about with Michael – enjoy!