Interview with Edley ODowd

Edley ODowd - Interview


Sometimes we feel a certain urge to highlight and showcase musicians that not enough people take notice of and Edley ODowd is surely one of them. He has played with some of the most remarkable musicians of the last 50 years and is surely a jack-of-all-trades. One more reason to talk to Edley is surely that he is one of the most humble, most reserved and most selfless persons I have ever had the chance to talk to. Please enjoy the hell out of this interview!

Kylesa, Blondie, Psychic TV, Genesis P-Orridge, Toilet Boys and many, many, many more. That is the list of musicians/projects that Edley ODowd has been involved with throughout the course of his life in the music scene somewhere between Post-Punk, Industrial, Avantgarde, Ambient, Noise and even Sludge. Being a visual artist and a drummer by trade, he is a man of many talents who is such a nice person that it comes as no surprise that many different people want to work with him. Now he just released a new record called F(our)-ward on the Italian 13 label (find the label’s store here). The record showcases many of Ed’s talents and especially his powerful, shifty, diverse drumming - we had a lot to talk about and we are sure you can understand some of Ed’s songs a bit better when watching our video below!
You can listen to F(our)-Ward here on Bandcamp Enjoy our talk and enjoy Edley’s engaging music!

And here you can listen to his record: