Interview with Constant Smiles

Constant Smiles - Interview


Dichotomy. Paradox. Contrast. All words that synonymously could be used to talk about the difference between the Indie-poppy music on Constant Smiles’ new album Kenneth Anger which will be released at the beginning of March. Bundled up together with the circumstances revolving around charismatic frontman Ben Jones this record gave us the perfect opportunity to talk with him. Enjoy!

When listening to Constant Smiles new record, one might at first listen not notice the strong contrast between the seemingly happy sounds and the introvert, thoughtful lyrics. But digging deep into the latter will make you realize that not everything is as shiny as it may look at first spin. This was one of the most important things for Thorsten to talk about when interviewing Ben, but it surely wasn’t the only thing. Enjoy our newest interview!