Interview with Bryan Ziolkowsi (OAHK)

18 Sep 2022 - Thorsten

“Lifting the veil from underground music” - our slogan and our duty. And one of those underground secrets which we want to promote is certainly OAHK, the shoegaze/alternative/noise/slowcore-one-man-project by Bryan Ziolkowski. Anybody that I met along the way and whom I played OAHK’s last record immediately felt aghast by what is recorded on tape here: one of the most touching, dark yet hopeful records you might meet this year. Hauntingly personal, lovingly arranged and meticulously structured music that will not leave you. But still the guy has not enough people who know about his awesome music - that needs to change!

When I was told about the project a few months ago by one of the nicest people I ever met online and who has a taste in music 99,9% just like mine, I immediately went to the interwebs and listened to Tiny Husks and man, J.T. was right again. Loved it, talked to Bryan how great the record is and asked him if he would be open to do an interview. Surely he was and when I said that re-telling the story behind the record was of course too intimate and personal he just said “You can ask me anything, buddy!” So I tried to talk to him not only about the mindblowingly good music (the best Flenser-record never to have been released on The Flenser!!!) but also about the story behind it. Listen to our latest interview and understand why everyone falls so in love with Bryan and his wife, their story and the music which he wrapped it in.

PS: Sorry for the bad quality of our host - forgetful me had forgotten to pull up the input volume. If necessary, feel free to ask what I asked Bryan. But you will see that he is a sweetheart with loads to tell, so enjoy his answers and forget our questions ;-)