Interview with Alasdair Dunn (Ashenspire)

Alasdair Dunn (Ashenpire) - Interview


98 minutes! Ninety-Eight-minutes! If a student of mine delivered such a long work my initial question would be “And you are sure there are no redundancies in all of that?” But, believe it or not, over the course of this interview with Ashenspire’s Alasdair Dunn we are hitting so many topics and go through so many details that I can happily say “No redundancies!” We hope you enjoy our interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Hostile Architecture is out for a few months now and when reviewing the record it struck me how difficult to grasp the record title is - and how multi-layered one can interpret it. Thus it was a short way for hitting up Alasdair and then arranging for an interview with him about how to see architecture and its usage as hostile for mankind. We struck a lot of diverse angles on this topic and a lot of others as well. If you think our interpretation and discussion went too far - feel free to hit us up on FB or get into contact with us otherwise! However, now is your time to sit back, take some time and enjoy the interview!