Brendon Randall-Myers (Scarcity) -

15 Jul 2022 - Ajay

There are bands who impress us so much that we simply want to show our love and support for their art as manifold as possible. Scarcity is one of these! So after our interview with Brendon and Thorsten’s detailed review of the powerful and yet personal record Aveilut, we are really proud that Doug and Brendon compiled this playlist for us. Please be aware that we added the first three “bonus tracks” to their playlist, eff the length! Nevertheless, these tracks by Maryanne Amacher and Khanate are unfortunately not on Spotify, so you have to look up those else where. Have a great weekend and enjoy all you VoS-aficionados!

“This playlist is a partial accounting of music that influenced Aveilut. We included music that influenced the record’s sound in fairly obvious ways, as well as tracks that informed our approach in less obvious ways, whether in structure or emotional affect. Due to time constraints and/or things not being on Spotify there’s some notable stuff missing, too - for some “bonus listening”, check out the following:

Krallice - “Litany of Regrets” Julius Eastman - “The Holy Presence of Joan of Arc” Code - “Tyburn” Maryanne Amacher - “Head Rhythm 1 And Plaything 2” (from Sound Characters) Khanate - “Too Close Enough To Touch” (from Things Viral)”