Interview with Brendon Randall-Myers (Scarcity, Glenn Branca Ensemble)

26 Jun 2022 - Thorsten

This week’s video-interview is a good symbol for our slogan “Lifting The Veil off Underground Music” - because Brendon Randall-Myers might not be the most famous artist but he for sure is a very versatile and interesting one. We were lucky to have gotten this interview with him, so enjoy him talking about his musical development, noise and metal music and how his latest collaboration album came to life!

Brendon has been the last conductor of the famous Glenn Branca Ensemble and has studied composition, but also has a fascination for metal music. His newest project will be unleashed onto this world of ours in a few weeks and it is a very shifty, diverse and atmospheric piece of metal that he worked on with Doug Moore from Pyrrhon. Aveilut might change the listening habits of lots of people because it’s dense and full of atmosphere but it never tries to overpower the listener. Maybe also because of its birthing which surely is not a regular one… if you want to find out more, check out our interview!