Interview with The End Of The Ocean

The End of the Ocean - Interview


“On Floating” was the first track I heard by a (to me) back then unknown Ohio-based band called The End of The Ocean. It was the first track on their third release In Excelsis which has now seen a vinyl debut via Post.Recordings featuring a new version of that mighty opener! Reason enough for us to talk with two members of the band.

When talking to Wes and Tara it seems as if we are talking to good friends with whom one hasn’t spoken in a while but it easily clicks again - also because they love what they do and they love being a part of The End of the Ocean. The enthusiasm they purvey is totally natural, these are people who are in it for the love of the sound and the music. We talked a lot about In Excelsis, about the new version of On Floating, Tara’s hate for the Bengals and how they survived the pandemic as a band!

And here you can listen to the whole EP and be mesmerized by the new version of “On Floating”: