Interview with James Romig

29 May 2022 - Thorsten

“Lifting the veil off underground music” is the slogan and banner under which we are working here for you. That means that we are trying to give you some good knowledge of what is going in our musical realm outside of charts and pop appeal. Our interview guest today is a perfect example for that as James Romig is an experimental composer who has worked together with Mike Scheidt of Yob on an hour-long-single-track-project that will be released via New World Records in four weeks!

This interview is one of the most enjoyable as James is an easy to talk to partner who can also explain the differences between concert hall music and metal music from various perspectives or how he and Mike got to know each other, what fascinates him about doom metal and why Mike’s tuning and amp settings were so important for this recording. The project by James and Mike is called The Complexity of Distance and can be purchased from end of June via New World Records And oh, we also got to talk about James got his Pulitzer Price nomination! So enjoy this interview and tell us on our socials how you like the interview!

James and Mike - brothers in "doom"

Photo Credit: Ashlee Mack