Tim Moens (Astodan) -

27 May 2022

Tim Moens is the mastermind behind Astodan, whose latest record was highly praised by our head honcho here and in order to show some of the influences for the amazing blend of shoegaze, post-metal and Deftones-vibes he gave us this playlist

This is the playlist with some of my biggest influences for writing our third album Ëvora.

  1. ISIS & Aerogramme - Low Tide I would have to start with ISIS as definitely one of the biggest inspirations for starting Astodan. From the In The Fishtank split which they did with Aerogramme this song is in my opinion one of the most perfect songs blending postrock with vocals.
  2. A Perfect Circle – Orestes From all the projects and bands Maynard James Keenan is a part of, I prefer A Perfect Circle. It feels like they worked more around his vocals than the other way around. Also a huge inspiration for the vocals on Ëvora.
  3. Alcest – Sapphire Another great example of a really nice blend of post-rock with vocals.
  4. Converge – Wretched World Converge will always be one of my personal favorite bands. Jacob’s voice and overall vibe on this song is spot on.
  5. Emma Ruth Rundle – Protection After two instrumental albums I started focusing on leaving more room for vocals instead filling everything up with guitars, bass, drums and synths. On Protection I feel Emma truly mastered a really nice contrast between the two.
  6. Khoma – Stop Making Speeches This entire album is just amazing!
  7. Deftones – Passenger When Bart joined Astodan on vocals this was the first song I sent him. The Chino/Maynard combo is perfection.
  8. Holy Fawn – Candy On Ëvora we’ve put some effects on vocals and if it was up to me there would be a whole lot more. I blame Holy Fawn.
  9. Norma Jean – Sword In Mouth, Fire Eyes I’ve been a huge Norma Jean fan since the Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child albums and they have always evolved really nicely.
  10. Palms – Mission Sunset A band with members from ISIS an Chino from Deftones. I personally feel the album didn’t quite live up to its expectations but this song sure did.
  11. King Woman – Entwined This song has such a great vibe. Celestial Blues was one of my favorite albums last year.
  12. Neurosis – Stones From The Sky A classic and I couldn’t leave it out my list of most inspiring bands.
  13. Latitudes – Antechamber This song has crushing riffs, pounding drums and the right clean vocals to carry it all.
  14. Nothing – Zero Day Last of the list because nothing beats driving home late night with Nothing on the radio.