Interview with UFOMAMMUT

01 May 2022 - Thorsten

Interview-Sunday here on VoS and we are having an interview with one of Italy’s finest bands when it comes to heaviness with a knack for melody - UFOMAMMUT! We talked to one of the few European bands on Neurot Recordings and gotten round to talk about their new line-up, their own label and listed a few bands from Italy we should all listen to.

For several years now, the band has been releasing on Neurosis’ label and that hasn’t changed - also not now after their line-up change. They have a new drummer and in some ways that is also audible. Another reason to speak with the guys about the new songwriting and sound. Their next record Fenice (Italian for “Phoenix”) will be released this upcoming Friday, May 6th and we can only suggest all of you to listen to it then.

But until then, enjoy our interview: