Noorvik -

29 Apr 2022

A week ago, German post-rockers Noorvik released their newest record HAMARTIA (which we will review very soon!) and they gave us this mighty interesting playlist to see what they are all about! There are some absolute classics (Metallica, Rush and Frank Zappa (!!)) but also some wonderful stuff by Keretta, Bossk, Colaris or Obscure Sphinx! Enjoy the ride into the world of Noorvik

Here is a playlist of songs which inspired us and we have been good friends with over the last years. Surely it is mandatory to have a Black Sabbath song and a Rush song in it. So it’s basically all Rock and Metal related but we also like to hear all kinds of interesting music. Although you can read the bigger names in here, we also like to seek for some hidden music in the underground and support it. We hope you enjoy it!