Interview with Stephen O'Malley (SunnO))), Burning Witch, Khanate)

23 Apr 2022 - Thorsten

So, this is the weekend of our first birthday. Veil of Sound was launched on April 23rd and what should we say – we want to party! We gave you premieres (wait n see), we gave you some great reviews and now we want to give you an interview – once in a while on a Saturday. And you might even know the man…

… because it is none other than Stephen O’Malley whom you might know from being one of the founders of Southern Lord Recordings, having been in bands like Thor’s Hammer, Burning Witch or a little band that he co-founded with Greg Anderson called Sunn O)))! It was an honor of speaking with Stephen and finding out about when he first got some good gear, how important the band is to him and which role he has in Southern Lord. It was a real pleasure to also find out about the fine humor inherent in Sunn O))) and their songs.

Enjoy our interview which you can listen to hear: