Shoreline -

04 Feb 2022

Matula – Schützengraben I haven’t given the band a chance for a long time, because I thought the name was odd. I have rarely heard a song as often as this one and I am now a huge fan.

Be Well -Tiny Little Pieces Their new album is definitely responsible for the harder elements of Growth, especially because there is a feature with Brian on one of our songs.

Citizen – Jet There are few bands that are as inspirational as Citizen. Every album sound different, but you instantly recognize it is Citizen.

Everything in Boxes – Darkest Places In 2019 we played together in Saarbrücken and I immediately loved tha band.

Citizen Tim - Mln Dialog I think his his lyrics very inspiring. Normally I pay attention to the vocal melodies first, when I listen to a new song, but for Citizen Time it is highly recommended to look at the lyrics aswell.

Kenny Hoopla – how will I rest in peace if I’m buried by a highway? Amazing songwirter who fits into many genres and has created their own sound from that. One has no choice but to like it.

For Them All – Lucy I’m Lost Emo-Punk-Band from Germany that deserves a lot more attention.

Girl in red – bad idea! Girl in red is definitely one of the more poppy influences when we wrote Growth. I realized much after, that Girl in red are pretty well known.

Tigers Jaw – Warn Me Tigers Jaw are the kings of contemporary emo. Inspiring especially because they often stray from the classic “guitar, bass, drums”-sound.

I Shiver – T S O Y<3 W I B An amazing artist who grabbed my attention through the atmosphere of his songs.

The Deadnotes – Never Perfect The Deadnotes are probably the band that we know the longest. The song and the album were released in a time, when we wrote most of the songs for Growth.