Interview with Ovtrenoir

OVTRENOIR - Interview


We are closing in on the release of the last video we did for Consouling Sounds’ live event, but before we present you with the last one in a few weeks, we have another smasher for you. OVTRENOIR!

OVTRENOIR is the brainchild of William Lacalmontie and involves some other people from the circles surrounding Throane in Paris which again is in some way affiliated with the Church of Ra revolving around Amenra. The quartet has released a very special Consouling Sounds-release: SOUL0150, the 150th number in Consouling Sounds SOUL-series, was their full-length debut Fields Of Fire and it surely says a lot if one’s record is the anniversary release for such an established label.

Therefore it was an honor for us to get a chance to talk to Dehn and Angeline about the band, their sound, their roots and much more. And we are very glad we can share all of that with you: