Special Veil Of Sound Staff! -

31 Dec 2021

No we are not in love with ourselves, but we thought that we are gonna do the full circle and give you our staff picks song list for 2021 in the form of one track for each selection, which also means that some records are on here more than once because, well, because they are simply awesome!

However, the must also admit that the consensual number one record for Veil of Sound is not on this playlist with no song at all, because Bruit≤ simply are not on Spotify and thus we couldn’t add it to the playlist. Mind you though, the playlist is still more than 11 hours long and should give you all a great way to party from ‘21 to ‘22!

See you again next year with some new things and of course our usual - a record a day, keeps the madness away! Thanks for sticking with us, we hope we won’t disappoint you in the upcoming months!

Your VoS-crew!