Ripcord Records Compilation - You Matter

31 Dec 2021 - Knut

Black Metal, Blackgaze, Post Black Metal, Doom Metal, Post Metal, Progressive Metal, Sludge Metal, Trash Metal | Ripcord Records | Release date: 03 Dec 2021

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What a great compilation Ripcord Records has released! With the help of 101 bands the label has put together this compilation to raise money for the charity organization Papyrus in the UK, which helps young people struggling with suicidal thoughts. You get a lot through this compilation, not only to contribute to the good cause, but you will also discover many new bands and new music. Twelve hours and 17 minutes of great metal-related music is a good way to end the year and start fresh into the new year.

I have been walking around in my home town playing every song and that has led to discovering awesome bands, and I was also reminded of bands I had not played so much lately. A compilation like this reminds us of how diverse metal-related music is and also that every band has its unique and easily recognizable sound. And it is also a reminder that in the metal community there is generosity and passion both from bands and from labels.

I cannot write about 101 tracks as you probably understand, but what I can say is that every track on this album is very good, the sound quality excellent and you should not miss it. I contacted Ripcord Records to find out how this came together and what responses they got from the artists. I will repeat what they told me because that reply really touched my heart.

They told me that they got the idea for making this happen for the charity Papyrus in March after they had released two other compilations to raise money for the charity Refuge, which helps people who have suffered from domestic abuse (they are really running a record label with a passion!). They decided they would try and make another one for Papyrus and release it at the end of the year. I think they did something bold when they decided they set a goal of 101 tracks for this compilation. They put out the requests and here is a quote from what the label wrote to me about the feedback they got: “The response from both bands and buyers has been awesome. There’s something really heart-warming about so many bands coming together, and letting their music be used in an attempt to make money for charity. I also love that it is a way for listeners (and even the bands!) to hear new music.”

I also asked the label how they choose these tracks and songs, if there was an underlying theme. They asked the bands if they could donate songs that somehow linked to grief, feelings of loneliness and sadness, but also songs with hope and coming out of the darkness. But most of the bands on the compilation do not have a track with that focus so there are varying themes, completely unrelated to the topic the compilation focuses on. Some bands chose a track, others asked the label to choose one. So, one can say that the underlying theme of the compilation is that the label and the bands want to raise awareness for the topic of suicide, help an organization with a good cause and maybe help us talk more about the difficult subject of suicide and how to prevent it. As the label wrote: “I think talking about suicide should be normalized. I think it would save lives. If you talk about it, you’re one step away from getting the help you need.”

As they told me, and as also is true in my own country, suicide is the number one killer of young men and is not much talked about. We should do whatever we can to prevent suicide from happening. By releasing this compilation Ripcord Records has made it possible for everyone of us to make a small contribution to help prevent this and help young people that struggle. And the title of the compilation they made, You Matter is a strong, positive and simple statement telling each of us who thinks that one does not matter to anyone, the truth is that you matter to more people than you think you do. It is a no brainer; you have to own this. And if you follow the label on Facebook they update how much money the compilation raises. Happy New Year!