Yenisei -

03 Dec 2021

The playlist we present you shows the tracks and artists we listen to and that influenced the sounds that you can find on our new record Reflections.

The sounds included in the playlist give us multiple emotions which resonate with us and make us creative. Like our album, this tracklist is quite eclectic and of course contains some post rock classics like “A Gallant Gentleman” or “Echoes”, but there are also more electronic or guitar driven songs. There are bands like Riverside who inspire us especially because of their amazing bass tones and great songwriting; the Deftones who influence us in general as they can create atmospheric tracks with heavy guitars included or Jakob who can create amazing ambient textures using just a guitar. We won’t describe every artist on the list as there would be no fun trying to find these inspirations on Reflections for you.

Check out our album here.

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