Mylder - If Not From Or To

10 Nov 2021 - Pat O'

Folk/Singer-Songwriter/Low-Fi | Release date: 15 Dec 2021

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Simply put, Mylder’s latest EP If Not From Or To is music for the morning after, a delicate and sincere folk inspired album that rests quietly beside you and gently soothes your soul.

If there was ever a nation to appreciate the natural and virtuous sound of folk music, it’s us Irish! Both traditional and folk music are steeped in our history and run deep through our veins. The style commonly associated with Ireland is a multi-instrumental gathering that’s layered and laced in history, both heart-breaking and triumphant. Many great anthems and many great men put Ireland firmly on the musical map with their portrayal of a land that time forgot. Because of this, many great musicians and singer songwriters from all over the world have graced our shores over the decades and have fallen in love with the country’s rugged and natural landscape, and of course its tradition of deep-rooted folk music. They adopted Ireland as their second home and sang fondly though their own style of folk music, of its mystical and alluring charm.

It’s because of this strand of DNA within me that I can’t help but be taken in by minimalist, folk instilled singer songwriters like Mylder. Stripping his sound to the bare bones and adding that tiny bit of fairy dust in the shape of gentle delicate synths, Simon has recorded an EP that’s cleansed in sincerity and is as honest as the day is long. The vulnerability of peeling back your sound to just your voice and your trusted guitar for company is no easy feat, but Mylder makes it all feel natural and heart warmimg.

The opening track on the EP “Hanging Shirts” is a modest and gently strummed piece of music with some gorgeous picking and some carefully placed synths. But what truly warms the soul is Simons vocal cadence. It’s story like in delivery, with its simple, no fanfare tone. It’s the kind of track to wake you up on that lazy Sunday morning, a track that gently taps you on the shoulder to make sure you’re happy in your semi-comatose state, then carefully pulls the blanket back over your shoulder!

More acoustic strumming rambles through the opening chords of “Stoic Woman”. Some airy nostalgic synths caress and give the track a seventies vibe, with some Moon Safari nuances. The more you listen to Mylder, the more you warm to Simon’s vocals, and with that comes similarities to others in the genre like Jose Gonzalez for instance. The spacey psychedelic synths take ownership of the song right to the end, giving everything a rich, warm, cosy feel.

“He Doesn’t know” is a more folk influenced number, with its country complexion and it duel layered vocals through the chorus. It’s beautifully relaxing and completely unassuming music. Its repetitive acoustic riff is hypnotic and peaceful, and is further complimented by the next track, “Walking skin”. It continues that opiate induced vibe, but plays from a deeper, more dimly lit place. The vocals echo through a delicate reverbed synth wave that rolls and weaves through the very short but beautiful passage of music.

The closing track “Symmetry Is For Imposters” is like a re-cap so to speak, a summary of what has gone before. Its mellow and sombre vocal style humming and rustling off those deep acoustic chords bring closure to an album that’s simplistic in its creation but evokes great depth and warmth as it transports you to your own private dreamland. It’s music that can tranquilise and soothe the listener. It’s music for the morning after the night before. It’s that gentle wake up call that carefully peels open the curtains to allow just enough light to shimmer through the room. Everyone needs an album like this to wake up to.

Just to note: unfortunately there is a delay on this release, so be sure to keep an eye on the bandcamp page for updates.