Asphodel Wine -

17 Sep 2021

Much like certain drugs and planetary energies open certain doors to our subconscious receptors- certain pieces of music, once found by the ears of their ever-waiting writer-recipient, can just the same open doors to rooms in their infinite creativity that might have otherwise passed through eternity unnoticed and unharvested, had the timing not been perfect.

Everything I know- I’ve learned from music. And from the people I make music with. This playlist serves as an abbreviated exclusive guest-list to the ballroom dinner party of my educators. The minds, voices and hands from whence much of my own creativity has been set free. From Nick Cave, Def Leppard, Type O Negative, Sadie, and the Bee Gees I learned romance. From Iron Maiden and Rush I learned open-mindedness. From Killing Joke and Motörhead I learned intelligent defiance. From Townes Van Zandt, The Cure, Katatonia, and Etta James I learned heartache. From Pink Floyd, Neurosis and Junius I learned the power of introspective travel. From Tom Waits and Cradle of Filth I learned to never stop stretching and challenging my vocabulary. From Bobby Womack and the Manhattans I learned to let raw emotion carry the voice. From Deep Purple I learned spontaneity and freedom. From Minsk and Subrosa I learned to be my utmost self, without fear or relent.
These are the highest priests without whom, I am merely an upright bag of bones, covered in sawdust and racing towards the next hangover.

We reviewed Slowdance Macabre, the awesome Asphodel Wine-debut by Zachary and his partner Sarah Pendleton and featured a really cool interview with the duo.