Playlist Telepathy

Playlist #16 by Telepathy


Here is a brief glimpse into the early and current inspirations spiralling around the Telepathy camp!

Some of these are all time favourite records (Fever Ray, Neurosis, Boards of Canada) and some are newer releases we are digging (Ulcerate, LLNN) and some from inspirations that we’re fortunate to play shows with across Europe and the UK (Rosetta, Orranssi Pazuzu)

We even included some bangers from the van (remember touring???). We’ll let you work out which those are!

We hope you’re keeping well and that Burn Embrace has provided at least some respite during the last 2 crazy years. Onwards and upwards, we hope to see you at a show soon!

[Note: Be sure to check out Simon’s review of their last album Burn Embrace!]