Andrey Prokofiev (Offret) -

16 Jul 2021

Brother/Ghost - Unbelievable group (band) and unbelievable track

Amenra - I really love the album Alive. The way they have shifted some of their heavy tracks into acoustic settings is incredible.

Oathbreaker - I consider Rhea to be the most brilliant album of the preceding decade, in which the entire spectre of emotions is presented in ideal balance. If i could, I would include the entire album in this playlist.

Bare Wire Son - This is the discovery of the year for me!

Neurosis/Jarboe - I could have included any Neurosis track. But let it be something unusual.

Swans - This band possesses an inexplicable dark attraction. In an inexplicable way, as if they knew something about myself. Scary, and even a little frightening.

Sunn O))) & Ulver - For me, this is not just a musical group. This is art in its purest form.

Josef Van Wissum & Zola Jesus - The lute and vocals on this track create a very pretty and unusual atmosphere.

Anna von Hauswolff - In Russia, the organ is not a very common instrument, as it is not used in orthodox churches. However, I love the sound of that instrument. This track is indicative.

Steve von Till - His work and this track in particular provided a strong influence on early Offret.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Similarly, Nick Cave influenced me and this track is simply brilliant and well-known to all.

Nick Drake - I adore the chord progressions and the melody Nick Drake creates on this one.

The Black Heart Rebellion - This band is one of my main sources of inspiration. Har Nevo is an awesome album from start to finish.

Matt Elliott - Wonderful melody and choral singing. I tried to borrow the choral technique from Matt for my early Offret recordings.