Greyflood Anagnorisis

Greyflood - Anagnorisis


Hypnotic and effortlessly atmospheric post-rock best describes the latest offering from California’s Greyflood. Three dreamy and uplifting tracks give their latest EP Anagnorisis that “must hear” tag.

Greyflood might be new to a lot of you, but these post rockers from San Diego have been around for a few years. They were formed back in 2014 by Ryan Tupta and David McLaughlin and between them released a self titled album that same year. In 2016 they released their second and brilliantly titled album No Death No Mourning No Crying No Pain which was a contrasting blend of euphoric and melodic highs with heavy and bitter lows. Following the release, the band’s line up was later strengthened with the addition of Jake Mariotti, Stu McCoy and Jon Royea.

Their latest offering is an EP titled Anagnorisis, and is a concept piece that tells of the moment in a story when a character comes to realize the true nature of their circumstance. It unravels the revelation of the true identity of persons previously unknown. Greyflood have adapted this concept and broken it down into three acts, and through music allows you experience your own anagnorisis.

“Act I Introspection” immediately draws you in with its simple open chord intro. The notes tremble and oscillate while a dreamy solo guitar pampers the listener with its sweet rich melody and calming presence. The track quickly gains depth and feeling as the tremolo shredding leads the way, while all the time being balanced by the calming and opiate drum beats. These hypnotic chords and percussions continue to elevate and rise and bring light and zeal to the everything around it. It’s a short track by “post-rock” standards but that doesn’t take anything away from its transcendent beauty.

“Act II Doubt” opens up with a slightly darker and unnerving passage, with more of those clear-cut strings that seem to weave and reverb around a synthesised backdrop. The soothing and slumberous style of the drums are soon breached by a more upbeat and faster tempo, with rolling toms partnered with some sleek solo guitars. It’s all effortlessly atmospheric and beautifully timed. Unlike a lot of Post-Rock formulas that begin with a quiet passage that gathers momentum along its linear ascent to its crescendoed summit, Greyflood like to meander their way to the top, occasionally stopping en-route to look back and admire the splendour that has opened up below. Their ascent is more casual and nonchalant. It takes the longer more scenic route, but the summit is still reached, and the big musical moment is still fulfilled. Sometimes the journey can be as wondrous as the destination, and that’s certainly the case with Greyflood’s music.

“Act III Resolve” follows the same magical recipe as the tracks that went before. Beautiful tremolo guitars provide the backdrop for more hypnotic and spellbinding hooks and melodies. The pace is patient and unhurried and full of optimism and promise. Their positive outlook often gives me the feeling I get when I listen to Overhead, The Albatross or We Were Heading North. Post music doesn’t always have to be dipped in darkness or weeping in melancholy. It can be both uplifting and blissful. The beauty of post music as a genre is that there is a band for every mood and every state of mind you find yourself in. There is always a “go to” album to reflect life’s lofty highs and solemn lows. Greyflood have their place in that vast spectrum and so does Anagnorisis. It’s concept is thought provoking but never interferes or interrupts your listening experience. This EP needs to be heard and fingers crossed it’s only a taster of what is to come. And always remember, Bandcmp is only a click away!. Support these guys.