Interview with Ateiggär

Ateiggär - Us D'r Höll Chunnt Nume Zyt


As part of our special about the HUC we also spoke with Ateiggär. Here is what Fauth Temenkeel had to say.

It can be noticed that one can somehow envision certain centuries or situations in front of one’s inner eye. With Urgeist it’s the 19th century, for Ungfell something from late Medieval Times, for Kvelgeyst it’s a very modern time like the 20th century. But with Ateiggär it’s more of a voyage to a certain place, not time. What that intentional or incidental? You assume that Ateiggär is not a project dealing primarily with a time long gone, but more with an idea, a certain ideology. In reality, the latter is strongly influenced by the philosophers and theologians of the early modern time and thus this coincides with a certain time dis- or replacement. It is not an incident at all.

Ateiggär is one of the newest projects of the HUC – but it surely does not stand for a re-orientation or re-alignment of the whole committee? When do you notice, that “this” now needs to be a new project? Is there some kind of pre-drafted timeline or does that happen on the fly? All HUC bands work autonomously. It has nothing to do with planning. In case of Ateiggär, a concept was drawn up, which is not in any way running contrary to any aesthetics or themes of any already existing project. Instead of changing the character of a project irrevocably, a new project was called for.