Name, Age: Daria, 28 (but I always forgot this and say 25)

Where from?: Italy, actually Bologna, the land of lasagna and really cool underground music

Family & Pets: My family is displaced between the north and the south of Italy, plus some of my friends are really family to me. I have 13 cats and 3 dogs, my precious creatures

Favorite artist: Currently I’d say Angel Olsen

Best label in the world: Too difficult, I’m very fond of Sargent House, but I also work for a nice independent label called Overdrive Records, and I like a lot what we do, but I wouldn’t chose a ‘’best’’ one, everyone is doing their best work!

Best concert ever: Ah, difficult too, my first Roadburn (in 2022) was everything to me, I was there only for the Saturday but I enjoyed it to the max.

Top Record(s) of 2022: Unison Life by Brutus

10 Albums for the month-long-stay on the tiny island:

Best joke you always tell: I’m not very good, I tend to have quick funny answers sometimes, not always, brain not braining.

Best Beyoncé song: The one with Lady Gaga (Because there’s Gaga in it :) yes I love her :) and yes I can listen to Lady Gaga and Chat Pile in the same day) [Note by the HeadHoncho - the song is called “Telephone”]

Favorite Drink: Fruit juices are my to-go, I like beer but now it’s summer so I don’t drink much.

Most important piece of advice to tell your 20-year-old-self: Don’t let the anxiety govern your life, please :)

Your own text if you want to tell the world something else: This might end with me literally writing an essay on something I care about, so I will be short and not angry like the usual: racoons are very nice people.

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