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E - Interview


Don’t we all know some of these bands and artists which have been doing it for a long while and which have delivered time and again with multiple bands and that still have not seen the success they deserve? Thalia Zedek is one of these (for me at least), and she has been around for 40-some years. Maybe her most popular band was Come, one of these under-valued Indie Rock bands from the late 80s and 90s. However, even after the end of Come, she has been releasing music constantly (as she had also been doing before) and one of the continuous projects has been E. They have a new record out and we were fortunate enough to talk to all three members of the band about the record, which is wonderfully channeling the harsher side of Indie Rock. A few weeks ago, they released their latest full-length called Living Waters and one must admit, that it is still experimental in nature but also has a lot of punch. It is really tight, because Thalia has taken on some bass duties which she does by using two strings of her guitar to provide the accompaniment to Ernie’s drums. That of course also changed their songwriting, but that also became more necessary because the band is now spread across the US and that makes it much harder to come up with new tracks. Harder but not impossible as the new record shows, which might be their most poignant up to now. We were talking to Thalia, Ernie and Jason about the new record, the different soundscapes, Thalia’s new way of playing the guitar, the guys’ songwriting process and much more! Enjoy our interview with E! And by the way - the band is on tour right now, so if you have some time - go to one of their shows which you can find below!

Tour Dates E:

23/06 Fosso Sejore, Italy - Bagni Elsa
24/06 Bologna, Italy - Freakout
26/06 Wetzlar, Germany - Kulturzentrum Franzis
27/06 Berlin, Germany - Urban Spree
28/06 Lärz, Germany - Fusion Festival
29/06 Krakow, Poland - Klub RE
30/06 Poznan, Poland - Nowe Amore
02/07 Leipzig, Gernmany - Noch Besser Leben
03/07 Pilzen, Czech Republic - Outdoor Show
04/07 Praha, Czech Republic - Klub 007 Strahov
05/07 Slavacin, Czech Republic - Lesopark
06/07 Boskovic, Czech Republic - Festival Boskov

US Tour dates:
11/07 Philadelphia, PA - Pageant : Soloveev
12/07 Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery
13/07 Washington, DC - Rhizome
17/07 Pittsburgh, PA- Government Center
18/07 Kingston, NY - Tubby’s
19/07 Brooklyn, NYC - TV Eye
20/07 Medford, MA - Deep Cuts

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[photo credit: Jan Svora]