Interview with Insect Ark

Insect Ark - Interview


There are big bands that not enough people know of and very often these bands, in hindsight, are referred to as bands’ bands because they have a much bigger influence on the scene than their “success” really implies. McLusky or Mother Tongue would be two prime examples from the 90s for that, and a pretty good more recent example would be Insect Ark, which consists of 50% Swans and 50% Khanate, but the sound of Insect Ark is neither here nor there, when comparing it to these two mega-acts. Nonetheless, one usually cannot but listen to the IA-songs and be amazed at not having discovered this band before, for their soundscapes are capturing and mesmerizing (in the original sense of the word), inviting and pulling you in for a deep dive. When allowing this, one quickly loses track of time and that surely is a great thing for any musician to achieve, and their new record Raw Blood Singing (out via Debemur Morti Productions) does just that. Therefore we had enough reasons to catch up with Dana and Tim, talk about the record, the uselessness or usefulness of genre-descriptions, their way of writing the eight new tracks and why they never once jumped into the ocean when recording! Enjoy!

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[photo credit: Marika Zorzi]