Interview with TJ Childers (Inter Arma, Relapse Records, Extreme Metal)

Inter Arma - Interview


Sometimes life can be pretty hard, sarcastically hard. When preparing this little text here, I was reminded that I wasn’t able to see Inter Arma live at Roadburn this year due to personal, family reasons, which made me cancel my trip on the literally last minute before leaving for Tilburg. And even though it hurts a little to know all the stuff I knew about Inter Arma and their sets at Roadburn and not having been able to go - this interview was so much fun and their new record is so amazing that I can smile while looking at TJ and me throwing balls back and forth. Albeit we talk about a lot of difficult topics from the bombing of Israel at the hands of Iran, the damn bad state of the world and much more - we also get a lot of great intel on New Heaven (which we reviewed for you here), the new record by the Virginia-boys. How some of the songs came about, how Mr Childers is the mastermind behind the drums and behind many of the songs, how the amazing vocals of Mike hold some tracks together and much more. Enjoy the interview and if you have seen one of their sets at Roadburn - which one did you like the most?

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