Nahasheol Serpens_abyssi

Nahasheol - Serpens Abyssi


Of all the albums released in 2023, Nahasheol’s Serpens Abyssi is definitely one not to miss. The mystic atmospheres it creates, the wrath it exudes, and the driving and dissonant sounds make this album a ritual worthy experience. This is Black Metal at its finest, the perfect mix of all what makes this genre great. We are about to enter into a garden of Luciferian delights where the serpent lies and where you won’t help but to fall under its spell.

Nahasheol is a band that hails from Amsterdam and it’s formed by Daniel Souza and Tore Stjerna. They released a 3-song-EP called Kaaosoth back in February of 2022 which gave a sneak peak into what would be Serpens Abyssi which was released in November by Wolves of Hades and Argento Records.

After this brief introduction, we will dive into this album. Very few achieve what Nahasheol do with their album, it’s almost alchemical. They transform this into sonic gold, molded in the fires of hell. Devilish and dissonant riffs, a voice that sounds like it’s muttering unholy incantations, and unforgiving, fast-paced and pulsating drumming all combined to give shape to this amazing album. From start to finish, Serpens Abyssi captivates the listener and has them by the throat. It’s a trip through purgatory and to the abyss of hell, where no one dares to tread. So, hold on tight and call upon Virgil to be a guide to this trip into the depths of hell.

The first track “Arcanum Mortuus” has a faint start, and builds up slowly. It gives you a chilling vibe, almost as if the serpent is awakening. The high intensity of the music is somewhat hypnotic, almost making you fall into a trance. The intensity doesn’t end with this track, as the next one called “The Aetheric Void” keeps up with that fast, unstoppable pace. A moment or respite can be found at the start of “The Awakening”, which is a song that really stands out to me in this album. This moment of calm is only brief, as that infernal fast pace starts within the first seconds of the song. It almost feels as if the serpent has you in its grip and the venom is coursing in your veins, taking over. The last track on this album, “Devan Thanatha”, brings this to an end. The song evolves into chanting which feels like an unholy entity is being invoked, making you part of an unholy ritual where the serpent rises and where you cannot help but realise you’re at its mercy, awestruck.

To bring this to conclusion, this is one great album among all of those that saw the light in 2023. The themes in Serpens Abyssi are common within Black Metal, but on this album Nahasheol really have found a way of addressing them beautifully. As I mentioned at the start, this definitely shouldn’t be missed and whether you missed it or already have it in your list, it absolutely deserves a(nother) listen and if you do, you will not be disappointed.