Akouphenom Death_chaos_void

Akouphenom - Death ​· ​Chaos ​· ​Void


A journey into the depths of the underworld would not be complete without the proper soundtrack. On this occasion, Akouphenom not only provide the perfect music for it, but also gives us fair warning of what lies ahead and they do it in a way that will leave the listener in awe with their sound that is dark, enchanting, unforgiving and a full-on sonic assault that will leave the listener wanting more.

Akouphenom is a Blackened Death Metal band from A Coruña, Spain. They have gone through some line-up changes and have had a couple of splits, one with Kursk and the other with La Hija Del Carroñero (both bands also hailing from Galicia.) Death ​· ​Chaos ​· ​Void is their first full-length album and it has been released by Avantgarde Music. This album is a hymn to the three ruling powers of existence: death, chaos and the void. Each of the songs divide the album into six chapters.

Now that we’ve gotten a bit of an introduction into who Akouphenom are, let’s get into Death ​· ​Chaos​ · ​Void. This album is chaotic, aggressive and it grabs your attention right from the start. The intro is just a very eerie instrumental track which gives you goosebumps, almost like a warning. It all starts to make sense as soon as “Devour” starts, heavy and relentlessly. This is just a taste of the heaviness and chaos that is to come. The almost savage, demonic voice is complemented by the crushing drumming, heavy guitar and solos, making this an amazing listen and one that keeps me, as a listener, captivated.

One of the tracks on this album that I like is “Upper Cycle of Infinite Tails”: pure obliteration and devastation which is exactly what I want in my Death ´Metal. Akouphenom deliver it, making this journey even more perilous, facing the chaos and then embracing it with open arms. Another track that stands out is “Flesh Sublimation” which is only half way through this sonic trip and still not giving any respite. The last track, or chapter, on this album is “Incorporeal”, the chanting on this track leaves you feeling like you have finished your journey having given the void one final glimpse, one last time, before you join the evolving and demonic chanting. The voyage into Death ​· ​Chaos ​· ​Void has come to an end, a descent into the abyss that proves that chaos and death are not the end, but only a new beginning - an origin where this is nothing but a never-ending cycle, happening over and over again.

This album’s infernal sound is nothing short of pure brilliance. This first full-length just solidifies Akouphenom’s position in the underground Death Metal scene, making them a band that you should definitely check out, giving Death · ​Chaos ​· ​Void the attention it deserves. Akouphenom is an amazing band and I am definitely looking forward to what they will bring next. One thing is for certain: it will be chaotic, evil, dark, cathartic, and beautiful.