Playlist Agabas

Playlist #95 by Agabas


This exemplary playlist was curated by Agabas, whose cool record combines Death Metal, Doom Jazz and a lot of anger into a heated and energetic mix! Recently we reviewed their record A Hate Supreme which also shows that combination to the T. Their playlist combines their love for everything heavy and chaotic (Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Meshuggah) with a lot of other things like Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane or Spidergawd!

We write a lot of our music with the live format in mind. Some parts are simply designed to open up the pit. The first band on this playlist, Honningbarna, is one of our biggest influences, at least when it comes to live shows. I’m not suggesting that they necessarily write their music the same way, I wouldn’t know, but anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing them live will know just how thrilling it is when the band uses the extreme dynamics of heavy music to play with the crowd. It creates a real synergy between the music and the people in the room, which is something we strive to nail as well. The rest of the bands on this list are really just bands who have impacted us and how we write our music in some way - riffs, song structure, tricks, arrangement - it’s all in there. And then there are some jazz tunes, probably self-explanatory. It’s good music, check it out!