Interview with Sally Gates (Titan to Tachyons, Gates - Dunn - Foxx)

Sally Gates - Interview


Sally Gates should not be a new name to all you VoS-ficionados, because we already spoke with her last year about the last album of her project Titan to Tachyons (we also reviewed Vonals). Sally moved to New York City a few years ago from her home New Zealand, and man, she has been a highly productive and respected part of the New York City Avantgarde scene working with many highly skilled well-regarded musicians around John Zorn and his Tzadik Records label. Now she’s releasing another record that might blow your mind alongside Trevor Dunn and Greg Foxx. So we had to sit down and talk with Sally again, and here you can enjoy our conversation!

When it comes to Free Jazz colliding and falling in love with heavy Rock sounds we quickly talk about Fusion, which is a label to make to make you shiver and quiver as (to me at least) it always implied a somewhat deranged and never-ending form of Grateful Dead-AOR-rock. But for several decades now, Fusion Rock is leaning more towards the harder side of things and shows a lot of crunch, heavy riffs and really intriguing rhythmic work. Sally Gates is one of the prime examples for that as she does not only know technique but also power and thus her “songs” are always mesmerizingly brewing both concoctions into one addictive poison! Her new collab record with Trevor and Greg shows that once more. We sat down with her to talk about Deliriant Modifier, its conception and birth, how she experiences life in the Big Apple and much, much more! Enjoy!

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(Photo credit: Karen Jerczyk)