Interview with Emil Amos (Grails, OM and more)

Emil Amos - Interview


Grails have just released a new record and it is more than awesome, as you can already see by our review. The band has always been hard to grasp, but one thing never seems to change and that’s the high quality of their output. We spoke with Emil Amos, one of the two band leaders, about Anches en Maat (check out our review here) and much more especially about the love for movie sounds. Enjoy!

Can one understand modern music without the classics and the stuff that came before you? Isn’t that one of those huge questions and one that we spoke about with Emil, who also is a part of OM (don’t worry, we also spoke about that band with him!). We went very deep and even have found some political notions in the new record, spoke about some of the greatest ever to play and of course also a lot about the new record, which was recorded in a way they last have done more than ten years ago. And of course, we also spoke about “intimate movies” ;-)

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