Interview with Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra)

Hidden Orchestra - Interview


Denovali Records has always been a label for lovers of sound - and that has never restricted itself to one genre alone. That’s why one could find Drone Metal alongside experimental music alongside an act like Hidden Orchestra, which is going to release a new album next Friday, September 22. And as our head honcho is a huge fan he was very happy to sit down with HO’s mastermind Joe Acheson for a long, detailed interview.

Hidden Orchestra has always been about combining sounds from the natural realms and the articial - Joe has always incorporated field recordings into his music and has thus drawn from the “hidden orchestra” that surrounds us. He clearly spoke about how long it sometimes takes him to finish a song and why we should never wish for a track that he considers perfect. We talked with him about he way he composes music, with which British artist he would love to collaborate and how the work on a computer game soundtrack has profoundly changed his view on music and how to get his music to his audience. Enjoy the interview!

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(Photo Credit: Jesse Williams)