Playlist #MR-2023-08 by Various Artists


As we promised since the beginning of August, we are giving you another monthly roundup of what you got on VoS, and you get one track for (nearly) each thing we published in August. August was a very good month with reviews, specials, or interviews by Botanist, Breaths, Jaye Jayle feat. Bonnie Prince Billy and Patrick Shiroishi, Cliff Ruin, Silverburn, Pylar, Krigsgrav, Din of Celestial Birds, Rana, Calligram, Ursular, DDENT, Fen, Disimperium, Masheena, Thee Oh Sees, The World At A Glance, Tired Minds, 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker), Dead Neanderthals, Loather, Khanate, Hundred Year Old Man, Mizmor, Mutoid Man and Cheer-Accident. Amazingly, this playlist contains more than 200 minutes of music and hopefully you enjoy every single one of them!

(Note: It was not possible to include one track for each review, interview or special, as some things are not availabe on Spotify or there is no (new) music.)</b>