Interview with Mizmor

Mizmor - Interview


Mizmor has released his fourth full-length called Prosaic and has taken a new approach trying to not let a new record become an obsession, not trying to go for a full-fledged overarching theme. Nevertheless, this record is simply great, magnificent, superb, whichever positive adjective you wanna give it. In order to find out more about the process, the record and its place within his oeuvre, we talked with ALN. We’re very happy to give you this interview and we hope it makes your listening even more interesting and enjoyable (YES!)!

“Suffer less, have more fun” is one of the key lines in this interview with Mizmor, because he has found a very good point within himself, which allows him to let go of songs and structures. We talk a lot about ALN’s present and in which way it is reflected in the music; we also talk about the record’s title and how it also deals into the tracks. The daily life has a much more prominent position in ALN’s life and thus in Mizmor’s music. A highly introspective, valuable interview if you ask our head honcho, we give you our hour with ALN!

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