Interview with Dirk Serries (Loud As Giants, Fear Falls Burning...)

Dirk Serries - Interview


Loud as Giants is a collaboration which has been a long time coming, because they have had a mutual love for the other’s work for decades: Justin K. Broadrick and Dirk Serries. Their debut full-length “Empty Homes” can see seen as a perfect example of what happens, when two well-experienced and highly-skilled musicians work together with a mututal respect for the contributions of the other. Their four songs (combining for more than 46 minutes of music!) are wonderfully melancholic pieces between Ambient, Post-Rock, Industrial and even Shoegaze! Hence we simply had to talk to Dirk and get some more background information, on how they met, how the project developed and what is has got to do with the Pandemic! Enjoy the interview!

Empty Homes and the melancholic magic of its four tracks was surely not a surprise, when remembering the two highly skilled musicians behind the project. Whatever Dirk and Justin touch has a certain quality to it that is hard to resist, for whichever reason - be it because of their sheer talent or the definite sound or musicality - many people automatically place their ears next to their speakers in order not to miss anything. Therefore we are sure that many people will be really excited to hear more about the project from Dirk himself! Enjoy!