Liturgy - Interview

07 May 2023 - Thorsten

Avantgarde | Black Metal | Thrill Jockey | Release date: 24 Mar 2023

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We must be clear - Liturgy are a band that has been redefining heavy music in general and especially Black Metal for years. With every new release they have been pushing boundaries and interwoven different tunings, different styles and even different genres into their colossal walls of sound. As they will be visiting Copenhagen next weekend and as the new record is simply neck-twisting and mind-blowing we were more than happy to get a chance to talk to Haela. Enjoy!

Surprise! Everyone who has been keeping a close eye on our A Colossal Weekend special will have been surprised to find this one atop of that page as well! Unannounced and unashamed! This interview was one of the most interesting ones which I was looking forward to for a long time, as I have been in love with Liturgy’s records for quite a while now, because their music has changed my perspective on Black Metal quite a bit. Their new record 93696 is a sure shot for my Top15 this year and I have nothing but love to offer in my review. We talked about the new record, Thelema, personal development, the joy of being in this band and much, much more!