Interview with Mike Watt

Mike Watt - Interview


Today marks the second “birthday” of Veil of Sound and yes, we could not be prouder – you have shown this little baby so much love, given us so much positive feedback, spread the word about us: Therefore, of course we want to give back something special. How do we do that? By giving you an interview with a legend, none other than the mighty Minuteman himself, Mike Watt!

Mike is a jack-of-so-many-trades. He is a force on the bass as we all know, right? But did you know that he is also having his own show on the web doing the same thing we do here? You all know the Minutemen, but did you also know that he was in fIREHOSE? That he played with Flipper, J Mascis, Porno for Pyros and the Stooges? And those are just a few of his many musical endeavors! Now he has a new project – Spirit of Hamlet together with Makoto Kawabata (from Acid Mothers Temple), Scotty Irving (Clang Quartet), and Benjy Johnson who is a highly prolific songwriter, producer and musician. The result is special in any conceivable way – you get Jazz, Punk, Avantgarde and much more and yet, it all sounds pretty organic in and of itself. Therefore we were happy and excited to get to talk with Mike about the new project. And during the talk, we got to see how meaningful, pensive and foreshadowing “Shakespeare” was. Enjoy!

(Photo credit: Rachael Polak)