Various_artists You_matter_part_ii

Various Artists - You Matter Part II


Back in December 2021 Ripcord Records released the first You Matter compilation. Here is the amazing 11-hour-long sequel.

Throughout the past year, you have been at many gigs, had a drink or two, talked to strangers, and headbanged with friends sharing your joy of metal-related music. The pure energy it purveys! You can live on those experiences for many days after a great gig. Sadly, one or two at the gigs you attended committed suicide during your time of joy. These are the grim statistics and it’s is a downer, I know. Once more, the passionate label Ripcord Records raises suicide awareness and enables you to contribute to saving lives by preventing suicide as they release an awesome compilation with 101 bands and about 11 hours of music from genres associated with the label.

The proceeds from the sales of these compilations go to the charity organization PAPYRUS (Prevention of Young Suicide) in the UK, the first one raised 2500 Pounds. It is a sad fact that such organizations are necessary in every country as suicide among young people all over the world is way too high, especially among young men, and by far not talked about enough. As the label owners told me when I wrote about the first compilation: “I think talking about suicide should be normalized. I think it would save lives. If you talk about it, you’re one step away from getting the help you need.”

Ripcord Records has used its network and impeccable taste in heavy post-related music to compile a compilation with bands from 22 countries and four continents. That shows compassion on both sides - the label and the bands contributing their songs to this important charity. It is as if the metal community, labels, bands, and fans come together to show their respect for this serious problem.

During the eleven hours running time of this compilation, you will get your fill of music from most sub-genres and from some bands that form a kind of undercurrent to the underground. You will discover awesome bands that have fewer than a hundred followers on Facebook and bands that have many thousand followers. It is pretty exciting to discover new bands that you have never heard of and that are as astounding as your favorite bands.

It is not possible to write about every band and every song and would be unfair to mention a band or ten that stand out for me. I am, as I was with the previous release, astonished by the high quality of each band in this collection, both when it comes to the sound and the performances (yes, I have listened to every track). Not only that, the compilation is curated with care - it seems carefully organized and does not come out as a random mess. If you want that, you have to shuffle. You are being taken through thunderous doom, soaring atmospheric metal, high-pitched tremolos, riffing arpeggios, rap-related metal, passionate vocalists, drummers with unbelievable technique, and bass players grooving and pushing forward. This here is a true treasure trove for adventurous music lovers. And most metalheads are just that.

You Matter is an apt title because it speaks to each one of us that, no matter what you think, you always matter to someone, probably more people than you can come up with. So, this is a no-brainer, chip in and buy the compilation. You will discover a lot of new bands, will re-discover some forgotten and will contribute to saving a life that matters. And if you need someone to talk to, there is always a compassionate voice at PAPYRUS in the UK or at the end of the line if you call 116 123.