Playlist #83 by Seer of the Void


A few weeks ago we gave you a detailed review of Seer of the Void’s fine full-length Mantra Monolith, this week they gave us a wonderful playlist showcasing some of their influences! Enjoy songs by The Sword, Uncle Acid, Weedeater, Kylesa, Black Tusk and Cough. And some classics, too!

This is a short playlist of our influences through different decades of music. From the psychedelic sixties through the heavier seventies, the more aggressive eighties era till the desert scene of the 90’s and more up to date stuff. These are some of the influences of the band that forged our new album Mantra Monolith and also our debut album Revenant. Some of them are obvious, some of them are more “under the skin”. We also think it’s a pretty good playlist for a roadtrip!