Playlist #81 by STAHV


Our VoS Tapes are back - and we have a mighty cool playlist for you compiled by Ari from STAHV who gives us a cool tracklist! And the man behind the cool Alternative Rock project from the West Coast has a real knack for these things as he is able to incorporate the greats from the 80s into a concise playlist featuring the likes of Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode & Fields of the Nephilim on the one hand and more modern sounds like Ladytron, Unto Others and Drab Majesty on the other. And here is what he has to say about his playlist:

This playlist reflects the dualities at the heart of STAHV: darkness and light, hook and atmosphere, famous and obscure. As a collection of songs, this mix moves through many phases of my life while genuinely expressing the sounds that move me today.

The sounds of Space Afrika and Riki are more recent discoveries brought to my attention through playing live shows and exploring modern iterations of genres I love. Then there is a track like “Stepping Out” by Joe Jackson that has never ceased to thrill me since I was a young child in the backseat of our family Volvo. Artists like Ladytron and M83 lie somewhere in between, consistent companions over the last few years.

If anything, the eclectic nature of this playlist is the glue. I’m a sonic omnivore, prone to obsessive immersion into a subgenre for weeks— even months—while simultaneously ingesting nostalgia for dessert.

I work with words and with sound, but music is my soul’s food. It provides me with energy, peace, distraction, and focus. So, from ’80s synth pop and goth rock to atmosphere beats and art rock, here is a curated overview of what makes STAHV tick in 2023.

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