Interview with Tristan Shone (Author & Punisher)

Author & Punisher - Interview


For decades, no centuries has mankind been dreaming of creating a symbiosis between man and machine - and music wise it might be said that no one has ever come as close to that symbiosis as Tristan Shone aka Author & Punisher. He has been developing machines for more than 15 years which enable him to create a sound that is industrial but man made, harsh yet melodic, shoegazey and metallic! And on his last album Krüller (check out our review of that miraculous record) he has taken another huge leap towards the sound that he himself envisioned years ago. And yes, that sound is addictive as one can see by looking at all the AOTY lists including Krüller!

Of course there are loads of things we could talk about with Tristan, the development of his machines, his love for Portishead, the momentary stage of his pursuit for his sound, the development of his own company but of course we still talk a lot about Krüller - also where the name for the record comes from! And we find out a tidbit about his passion for football (or soccer for our American friends)! Enjoy the interview, folks!

Picture by Christina Liu @ TheLonelyEyelid