Interview with Ghost Bath

28 Nov 2022 - Thorsten

This is an interview which might have been the longest in the making. Roughly a year ago, Ghost Bath released their latest album Self Loather (review here) and we were really taken with it. Therefore we are more than happy that we now finally got the chance to talk with one of the guys behind the project to talk a lot of things - including the way the music works for them and is created in a way that at least the interviewer would not have imagined!

By definition, a ‘ghost bath’ is a specific way of taking one’s own life, with the remaining body being drowned and thus looking like a ghost. However, when talking with a member of one of the American DSBM bands, namely Ghost Bath, it would be much too easy to only focus on that topic, as Tim has much more to talk about. Thus we touched upon which kind of music he likes to listen to, how Self-Loather is the end of a trilogy and how much of it was written and created during the pandemic. Among other things!