The Devil's Mouth -

25 Nov 2022 - Ajay

There it is, the third edition of our collaboration with José “The Devil’s Mouth” Santos Carlos! And we are back to entertain you by calming down your jangled nerves amidst these tiresome times of WorldCup-quabbles and the vain attempt of trying to steer clear of “Last Effin Xmas”!

As we like to change things around a bit we wanted to come up with something totally different musically because the first two editions were pretty heavy, right? So what better thing to do than come up with a playlist full of calmer, quieter songs? Right, nothing! José’s playlist has lots of interesting choices - William Elliott Whitmore, 40 Watt Sun or M. Ward and also stuff one might not expect like Ulver, Therapy? (again!), Danzig or Katatonia. And one band is even featured on both playlists. Both? Yeah, both, because The Devil’s Mouth will be hosting our response our response with even more stuff!