Interview with Gospel

20 Nov 2022 - Thorsten

What a year it has been for modern Hardcore. There were some really amazing newcomers like Sunflo’er or The Callous Daoboys. We had some good or even mindblowing comebacks like The Mars Volta, City of Caterpillar or Gospel. (you can find out for yourself, which is the “good” one in that trilogy while the other two are mindblowing.) And that were just two ends of a year that also gave us records by Stray from the Path, Counterparts, STYG or Be Well. We are more than happy to have an interview with my favorite “Hardcore-Comebackers” of 2022 - Gospel!

Gospel is a phenom, they make highly complex music without sounding nerdy. They love “Prog Rock antiquity” (;-) and yet don’t come off as simple clones. True New Yorkers one doesn’t get that whiff of slight arrogance that sometimes comes with bands from the Big Apple. The guys have turned old but somehow still seem more than teenagers. All throughout this interview (which unfortunately also has one computer fail in the middle which you will notice, but cutting was not an option!) I had the feeling of talking to friends from way back in the day, with no real problem of picking up where we left. Friendly fellows who are more than happy to talk about their band, its history, their love for (early) Genesis and how they got back together to release the most amazing Progressive Hardcore record of 2022!