Interview with Mat Ball (Big | Brave)

06 Nov 2022 - Thorsten

Amplification is one of the most interesting things about playing an electric guitar, right? There are myriads of meandering rabbit-holes down which one can go and through which one can gather loads of knowledge about the instrument and the possibilities connected to it. One of the most interesting musicians in that sense is Mat Ball, the guitar player in Big | Brave whose drones and sometimes shorts noisey bits really make the biggest of differences between his style and that of others. We are proud to give you this interview with Mat, in which we talk about his style, amplification, sound and, of course, his latest solo record!

Sometimes we really wonder how we can forget about certain records and their creators - that was surely the case with Amplified Guitar, the latest solo album by B I G ╪ B R A V E guitarist Mat Ball, which was released this year on July 1st. Nevertheless, we must talk about this record, its creation, the person behind the record and what Godspeed’s Efrim had to do with it! Enjoy, fellow VoS-ficionados!